50+ Best G-Rated Movies on Disney Plus for Kids 2024 (2024)

If you’re looking for kid-friendly movies, this list of 50 Best G-Rated Movies on Disney Plus right now are perfect to watch together!

50+ Best G-Rated Movies on Disney Plus for Kids 2024 (1)

Also, you can make the day or night super special with an Easy Disney Movie Night Dinner or Dessert! We love to make one of these or do an outdoor movie night in the Summer!

What does it mean to be a G-rated film?

G-rated films mean they are suitable for general audiences including young audiences.

Many Disney movies are either G or PG; however, Disney-Plus also has more adult options. Some examples of the more mature options are Black Panther and Daredevil.

Needless to say, it’s important to look at the ratings before starting a movie.

We also have a list of Disney movies for toddlers and babies you might like!

50+ Best G-Rated Movies on Disney Plus for Kids 2024 (2)

Best G-rated Movies on Disney Plus

From adorable animated classics to kid-friendly live action stories, there are plenty of entertaining options for kids on Disney Plus.

Your little ones are sure to love each of these G-rated movies on Disney Plus. They’re perfect for any age group!

1. Toy Story

In a world where toys come to life, a cowboy and space ranger must learn to play together or risk being left behind.

2. Mary Poppins

Magical nanny Mary Poppins arrives in London to reconnect a mother and father with their two loving children.

3. Monsters, Inc.

When a little girl accidentally wanders into the monster world, it’s up to two friends to get her safely back home.

4. Monsters University

A group of monsters band together to win the scare games and save their college career.

5. Cars

When race car Lightning McQueen takes a detour and gets lost in Radiator Springs, he learns how to slow down and enjoy time with his friends.

6. 101 Dalmatians

A pair of puppies must rescue their friends from the villainous Cruella De Vil, who wants to turn their spotted fur into a coat.

7. Aladdin

After finding a Genie, street smart Aladdin wishes to become a prince to win the heart of princess Jasmine and save the kingdom from the evil Jafar.

8. A Bug’s Life

An adventurous ant sets out on an incredible journey to find warriors to help him fight against the evil grasshopper.

9. The Jungle Book

A lost boy makes a trek across the jungle to find his village and meets a variety of animal friends along the way.

10. The Emperor’s New Groove

When a magical mix-up turns the emperor into a llama, he seeks help from a peasant to help him take back his throne.

11. Beauty and the Beast

In order to save her father, beautiful Belle agrees to live with a terrifying beast. But she soon learns looks can be deceiving when she falls in love with the beast and breaks his curse.

12. Meet the Robinsons

A young inventor sets out on a journey through time to find the family he never knew.

13. The Little Mermaid

In order to travel to the surface and meet her prince, mermaid Arial gives up her voice.

To get back her song, she must make the handsome prince fall in love with her before the spell takes hold.

14. Mulan

Disguised as a man, a princess takes her father’s place in the Imperial Army.

15. Sleeping Beauty

Evil Maleficent places a curse on a princess that puts her into a deep sleep – a spell that can only be broken by true love’s kiss.

16. The Muppet Movie

When Kermit the Frog decides to head to Hollywood to launch is career, he sets out on a road trip where he meets up with his muppet friends.

17. Fantasia

See the innovative animation come to life with a classical music soundtrack in this compilation of eight stories featuring classic Disney characters.

18. Winnie the Pooh

Travel to the Hundred Acre Woods with Pooh and his friends in search of Eeyore’s lost tail.

19. Piglet’s Big Adventure

When Piglet disappears into the Hundred Acre Woods, his friends use his book of memories to find him.

20. Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin

A misunderstanding leads Pooh to think that Christopher Robin is missing, so he and his friends set out into the Hundred Acre wood to find him.

21. The Tigger Movie

When all the friends’ winter preparations get undone thanks to Tigger’s bouncing, Rabbit suggests he head out into the Hundred Acre Wood to find other Tiggers to play with.

22. Gnomeo & Juliet

Two garden gnomes caught in a feud between neighbors work together to prevent tragedy and fall in love in the process.

23. High School Musical

When the captain of the school’s basketball team and a brainy new student connect, their passion for singing takes the entire school by storm.

24. Finding Nemo

When a young clownfish is captured, it’s up to his worrisome father and his forgetful friend to rescue him from a dentist’s office aquarium.

25. Finding Dory

Ellen Degeneres returns as Dory in this stunning animated film perfect for young children.

26. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Disney adapted Victor Hugo’s novel to create a timeless class that the whole family can enjoy. We love to watch as Qusasimodo leaves his comfort zone to save the people and city he loves.

27. The Great Mouse Detective

This is one of our favorite G movies for young children. It’s fun and only an hour and 15 minutes! The a group of mice set out on an adventure to solve a case to save Olivia’s father and all of Mousedom.

28. A Goofy Movie

Goofy and his teenage son set out on a cross country road trip and encounter one misadventure after another.

29. An Extremely Goofy Movie

After losing his job, Goofy decides to head back to college to be closer to his son Max, but he must go to the extreme to spend time with his sports-loving teen.

30. Go Figure

In hopes of becoming a world champion figure skater, a teenage girl is forced to join a hockey team by her Russian skating coach.

31. Cinderella

On the nigh of the ball, Cinderella is visited by her fairy godmother to turn her rags into riches. She falls in love at the enchanted ball, but she’s forced to return to life with her evil stepmother and stepsisters until she’s rescued by her Prince Charming.

32. Peter Pan

With a little bit of pixie dust, Wendy and her brothers head to a magical land led by the always-young Peter Pan.

33. Hercules

In order to take his seat next to his father Zeus in Atlantis, Hercules must prove he’s a hero.

34. Alice in Wonderland

Curious Alice falls into the world of Wonderland, where she meets a host of unique characters like the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.

35. Pinocchio

A wooden boy ventures into the world to test his bravery and honesty in hopes of becoming a real boy.

36. Tinker Bell

Travel to Pixie Hollow where Tinker Bell and her fairy friends learn the power of magic and pixie dust.

37. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

The human and fairy worlds come together when Tinker Bell and her friends visit the meadows of England.

38. The Princess and the Frog

When a woman meets a frog who wants to be a prince, a kiss sends the two on an epic adventure to fulfill their dreams.

39. The Aristocats

A pedigreed cat and her kittens are kidnapped for ransom but an alley cat comes to their rescue.

40. Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey

When their family leaves them with friends for a few days, a group of pets begin to worry about their owners and sets out on an epic journey to get back home.

41. Secret of the Wings

After crossing the border into the unknown world of the Winter Woods, Tinkerbell discovers she has a sister who must help her save the fate of the fairy worlds.

42. Space Buddies

Your favorite talking puppies head to space in this out of this world Buddies adventure.

43. Treasure Buddies

The talking Buddies head out on a treasure hunting adventure to Egypt to uncover the greatest treasure known to animal-kind.

44. The Parent Trap

Identical twins separated at birth are reunited at summer camp and work together to bring their divorced parents back together.

We love the original starring Hayley Mills, but the remake with Lindsay Lohan is also on Disney+.

45. The Princess Diaries

A socially awkward teenager finds out her father is a king, which means she gets to become a princess.

46. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

On the run from a wicked witch, a princess seeks shelter with a group of dwarfs.

47. Spooky Buddies

The Buddies must come together to stop a wicked warlock in this fun Halloween movie starring Disney’s favorite talking puppies.

48. Brother Bear

When a boy is transformed into a bear, he must walk in another’s footsteps to learn a valuable life lesson.

49. The Peanuts Movie

Snoopy and Charlie Brown take on their own epic quests to find friendship and love.

50. Chicken Little

Chicken Little and his friends must band together to save the planet from an alien invasion.

51. Descendants

All the most notorious villains are imprisoned on an island with their descendants and must decide whether to retain their evil power or use their magic for good.

52. Wall-E

A curious robot discovers a new purpose in life when he meets a slick new robot who he hopes to befriend.

53. The Muppet Christmas Carol

Join Miss Piggy, Kermit, and the gang for an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol.

54. The Santa Clause

In this Christmas movie, Tim Allen mistakenly becomes Santa Claus after Santa falls off his roof and he puts on his coat. The Christmas classic now has sequels and even a TV show set at the North Pole.

Proceed with Caution

While the next 4 movies are g-rated movies on Disney Plus, they may have a scene or two that may be hard for small children.

  • In Bambi, the mother deer is shot.
  • The Lion King has a scene where the dad lion dies.
  • Dumbo is taken from his mom at a very young age, and the mother fox dies early in the Fox and the Hound.

55. Bambi

Young Bambi explores the wonders of the world with his friends Thumper and Flower in this kid-friendly classic.

56. The Lion King

After his father’s death, a lion cub runs away from his pride, but he soon realizes he needs to return to his homeland to save his family and complete the circle of life.

57. Dumbo

A courageous baby elephant learns how to use his sensational ears to fly to fame.

58. The Fox and the Hound

A baby fox and a hound puppy vow to be friends forever, but their friendship is tested as the hound grows into a hunting dog.

50+ Best G-Rated Movies on Disney Plus for Kids 2024 (3)

Honorable Mentions

Star Wars

If you are okay with a mix of TV-Y and PG Ratings, Disney Plus also has the Star Wars movies and several TV series – including the Young Jedi.

You will need to check each shows rating though, and most of the feature films are PG.

Flubber & Inspector Gadget

Flubber, starring Robin Williams, and Inspector Gadget, starring Matthew Broderick, are also two Disney movies that younger kids may like, but they are rated PG.


And if your kids loved Hamilton, you may also consider Encanto even though it’s rated PG. Lin-Manuel Miranda did the songs for the movie, and they’re great!

We hope this list of best G rated movies on Disney Plus helps you navigate the streaming service faster, and that you’re able to find the best movies for your younger viewers!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our195+ Best Family Movie Night Ideas to Watch With Your Kids!

50+ Best G-Rated Movies on Disney Plus for Kids 2024 (2024)
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