Pokémon Horizons - Anime Series (2024)

This series, tying in with the ninth generation of Pokémon, is simply called "Pocket Monster" in Japan and Pokémon Horizons in the west. It features two new characters and runs from April 2023

Basic Synopsis

This features two trainers, Liko and Roy who start their Pokémon journey alongside the starters from Paldea, Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly


Like the previous series, this series focuses on two main characters during their journey


English Name: Liko
Jp. Name: Liko (リコ)

Voice Actors:
Minori Suzuki

Liko is a young trainer from the Paldea region. She has a mysterious pendant.

Pokémon Horizons - Anime Series (2)


English Name: Roy
Jp. Name: Roy (ロイ)

Voice Actors:
Yuka Terasaki

Roy is a young trainer from the Kanto region. He has got a special mysterious Poké Ball that looks oldfashioned.

Pokémon Horizons - Anime Series (3)


English Name: Friede
Jp. Name: Friede (フリード)

Voice Actors:
Taku Yashiro

Friede is a Pokémon Professor who will help both Roy and Liko in their journeys. He is partnered with a Pikachu affectionately known as Captain Pikachu. He runs a team, the Rising Volt Tacklers

Pokémon Horizons - Anime Series (4)


Unlike the previous anime series, this show is separated between multiple different chapters of the saga which encompass different parts of the overall story

Liko & Roy Set Off

Episode Count: 1 to 24

This saga started the story off and focuses on the mystery of Liko's Pendant, that she received from her grandmother, and how she and Roy join the Rising Volt Tacklers, who were originally hired by Liko's mother to bring Liko home.

Pokémon Horizons - Anime Series (5)

Terapagos' Shine

Episode Count: 25 to 45

After Terapagos permanently awoke from Liko's pendant, the Rising Volt Tacklers continued their search for the Black Rayquaza and other Pokémon owned by the ancient traveller, Lucius. This saga follows the Rising Volt Tacklers' exploits as they try to learn more about Lucius.

Pokémon Horizons - Anime Series (6)

Terastal Debut

Episode Count: 46 to ??

After stopping the Explorers' attempt to capture Rayquaza, and with the Brave Olivine airship damaged, this saga follows Liko, Dot and Roy as they temporarily enroll in the Naranja Academy in Paldea in order to learn about Terastallization, a Paldea phenomenon that was used by the Explorers' member Amethio against them while they protected Rayquaza.

Pokémon Horizons - Anime Series (7)

Episode Listing

Below is a list of all the episodes within the saga

#-English Episode Name--Jp. Episode Name-Pics

Liko & Roy Set Off

1 The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One The Pendant It All Started With! (Part 1) Pics
2 The Pendant That Starts It All: Part Two The Pendant It All Started With! (Part 2) Pics
3 For Sure! Cause Sprigatito's with Me! As Long As I'm With Sprigatito... Pics
4 The Treasure After the Storm! The Treasure That Washed Ashore Pics
5 Found You, Fuecoco! I Found You, Fuecoco Pics
6 The Ancient Poké Ball! The Ancient Poké Ball Pics
7 Special Training with Cap! Training! Captain Pikachu Pics
8 The Door That Never Opens! The Secret Behind the Off-Limits Door Pics
9 Welcome to Paldea! Arrival in Paldea! Pics
10 Nemona and Brassius and... Pics
11 Arboliva's Forest The Arboliva's Forest Pics
12 The Future I Choose! The Future I Choose Pics
13 An Unexpected Picnic! A Sudden Picnic Pics
14 Fly! Wattrel! Fly, Wattrel Pics
15 Someone We Can't See! Whosawhatsit? Someone We Can't See! Whosawhatsit? Pics
16 Quaxly, We Can Do It! As Long As I'm With Quaxly... Pics
17 Secret Training Time Pics
18 Flying Pikachu, Rising Higher and Higher! The Sky Is The Limit For Flying Pikachu! Pics
19 The Bittersweet Truth The Truth About Alcremie Pics
20 Kabu's Battle Training Kabu's Battle Training Pics
21 The Lonely Hatenna A Hatenna All Alone Pics
22 Charge! Galar Mine! Clash! The Galar Mine Pics
23 Fiery Galarian Moltres Galarian Moltres Blazes Up Pics
24 Reunion at the Ancient Castle! Reunion at the Old Castle Pics
25 Rivals in the Dark of Night! Rivals in the Moonless Night Pics

Terapagos' Shine

26 Terapagos's Adventure! Terapagos' Adventure Pics
27 As Long As I'm With My Friends As Long As I'm With My Companions Pics
28 The Stolen Treasure The Stolen Treasure Pics
29 TBC Pics
30 TBC The Mystery Pokémon Behind the Slipping and Clanging?! Pics
31 TBC The Song in the Mist Pics
32 TBC Lapras' Thoughts for its Companions Pics
33 TBC The Roaring Black Rayquaza Pics
34 TBC Respective Departures Pics
35 TBC A Duo in the Wilderness: Friede and Cap Pics
36 TBC Operation: Oinkologne Friendship! Pics
37 TBC Fuecoco Becomes a Bad Boy?! Pics
38 TBC The SOS Comes from Tandemaus? Pics
39 TBC Tinkatink and its Choice Hammer Pics
40 TBC Farewell, Sprigatito Pics
41 TBC Enter the Intense Mom! Pics
42 TBC Transform! Palafin, the Hero of the Ocean! Pics
43 TBC A Letter of Challenge from the Explorers Pics
44 TBC The Plan for Capturing Rayquaza Pics
45 TBC To A Place Far Far Away Pics

Terastal Debut

46 TBC How Thrilling! Naranja Academy Pics
47 TBC Liko and Floragato, Put All Your Heart Into It Pics
48 TBC Shine! The Glimmer of Fire and Art
49 TBC



Director: Saori Den
Creative Director: Daiki Tomiyasu
Action Director: Tetsuo Yajima
Series Construction: Dai Satou
Character Design: Rei Yamazaki
Sub Character Design: Kyoko Ito
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Music: Conisch
Animation Production: OLM
Pokémon Horizons - Anime Series (2024)
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